Transmuting the Ordinary.
Evoking the Subversive.

Alchemy & Elegy is a blog that features interviews with creatives, fiction and poetry.

The creative's pursuit is to take ordinary life experiences and transmute them into tangible expressions. Ideas become type on the page, sketches in notebooks, short films or paint on canvas. Creativity is alluring, attracting onlookers and evoking a response that leads to great change in small, subtle ways.

This Month's Interview:

Ghazal Ghazi

For the last five months or so, the phrase that has circled my mind as I paint is “a history of power.” My work has always centered around memory – collective, individual, and epigenetic.

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This Month's Story:

White Walls

Rosemary was huddled up in her bedroom’s window seat. Her temples were throbbing and her head was aching. She hadn’t eaten the dinner her father prepared, though she knew she should and very much wished she was hungry. Stress had stripped her of an appetite. 

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