Myth & Magic

I started a publication in Northwest Indiana called Mythos in May of 2017. It was really nothing that became a whole lot of something pretty fast. I created a social media account, placed a call for submissions and people were soon sending in their creative work to be featured on a monthly basis. The zine built up a small cult following and this resulted in a beautiful mix of personalities, gathering together at a small bookstore that agreed to sell the publication for a small fee to cover printing costs.

Every month when a new issue of Mythos was released, the bookstore would hold a ‘Zine Night’, where artists could hang out, meet others and sell their work. Over time, these events created cultural momentum. I was invited onto podcasts, local radio shows, blogs, speaking opportunities and a leadership position to help spearhead an annual Zine Fest. And while all of this was great, I was most satisfied seeing a core group of friends emerge at the bookstore.

Word about the publication spread faster than I could've imagined. Strangers began contacting me monthly from across state lines and outside the country. All of it was incredibly humbling. Mythos was forging friendships left and right, living up to its purpose: to bring people together who would otherwise never know each other.

Mythos lasted roughly over two and a half years. It's an experience that helped me to make sense of the world. Because of it, I met hundreds of amazing people, all of whom I intend to showcase with this new platform. Alchemy & Elegy exists to investigate the many lives that daily transmute the ordinary and evoke the subversive through their art.

From Myth to Magic,

Alec R. Villarreal
Alchemy & Elegy