Creative Consult

In my work with creatives over the years, I’ve always been driven by a singular mission: to make sense of the world around you. Ask many of the amazing people who have been highlighted through Mythos Zine or this website, and they’ll vouch for me when I say that it's my joy to help others.

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, I always hoped that someone would come along and personally help bring definition to my artistic pursuits. I wanted guidance, a listening ear and, most importantly, to be inspired to do something great.

I want to give what I never got. If you find yourself wondering, ‘What’s next?’— let’s talk. I'm here to work with you through your artistic goals, timelines and desires.

To learn more about what a creative journey can look like together, shoot me an email by clicking the button below.

Co-Owner/ Copywriter at Vast Creative Co | Zine-maker behind Mythos Publications | Storyteller at Alchemy & Elegy | Literary Fiction Enthusiast | Husband to Jen, Father to Joy & Silas